CARES Approved Pile Cages

Since going into production we have supplied pile cages to a wide range of projects. From the London School of Economics new student centre in The Strand to the mega-basement of a Russian billionaire. We have earned a great reputation for quality, service and our ability to respond to changes in requirement over the course of a long project. Our adherence to the very latest standards in health and safety has won us numerous contracts as this is the number one consideration for contractors.

WP’s CARES approved cage fabrication facility is capable of producing cages within the following parameters:-

  • Diameters from 150mm to 1500mm
  • Longitudinal rebar from H12 to H40mm
  • Helical sizes from 8mm to 16mm
  • Cages up to 12.5m long
  • Projections to specification
  • 50mm/75mm Skid Spacers
  • Debonding Foam
  • Lifting Rings

We also stock a range of accessories:-

  • Couplers
  • Bulldog grips
  • Rebar safety end caps
  • Tying wire