Pile Cages

WP Metals Ltd manufacture prefabricated pile cages with welded helical.

Since going into production in 2010 we have earned a great reputation for the quality of our pile cages, our delivery service and the way we work closely with our clients throughout the course of a project.

Due to the range of sizes we can produce WP are able to meet the specification required by a wide range of projects from foundations for houses through to large civil engineering projects.

Please click the link to view or save our  CARES Cert 2023

WP’s cage fabrication facility using CARES approved rebar is capable of producing cages within the following parameters:-

  • Diameters from 150mm to 1500mm
  • Longitudinal rebar from H12 to H40mm
  • Helical sizes from 8mm to 16mm
  • Cages up to 12.5m long
  • Projections to specification
  • 50mm/75mm Skid Spacers
  • Debonding Foam
  • Lifting Rings

We also stock a range of accessories:-

  • Couplers
  • Bulldog grips
  • Rebar safety end caps
  • Tying wire