Cut & Bent Rebar

WP Metals Ltd now offer Cut & Bent Rebar to compliment our range of piling related products.

Our new MEP Format 16 bending machine takes 10mm, 12mm and 16mm coil, straightens, forms and crops all the main shape codes and can be programmed to make most bespoke 2D shape code 99’s.

WP’s cage cut & bent facility using CARES approved rebar from coil is capable of producing BS 8666:2005 shape codes within the following parameters:-

  • Diameters from H10 to H16
  • Most 2D Shape codes
  • Code 75’s available soon
  • Straights up to 6m from coil

We also stock a range of accessories:-

  • Tying wire
  • Rebar safety end caps
  • Spacers